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Pricing Plans


Unleash Your Full Potential

Individual Membership 

Individuals may join the PKC and should do so to become eligible for it's many benefits.  This should be done through their martial arts instructor or Regional Director.  New members receive a membership card with personal identification number, and a PKC patch.

Associate School  Membership

The PKC will accept all karate schools throughout the country that meet our criteria as professionals. These schools will be permitted to display the PKC Associate School logo in their schools and on their advertising.  Membership is awarded on an annual basis, and helps to encourage and support your Regional and National programs.

Lifetime Membership

Individuals can become lifetime members of the PKC by submitting an application to PKC Regional or National Headquarters. After approval, he/she will be sent two gold patches along with a gold certificate, a lapel pin, and a laminated membership card with personal identification number.  These items will be renewed periodically for the life of the membership.

  • 40$
  • 125$
  • 300$
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