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PKC Elite Society

Image by Nguyen Hung

PKC Elite Society

Image by Thao LEE

Introducing the PKC Elite Society: an exclusive group of top-tier Martial Arts leaders and accomplished competitors in the United States. This invitation-only society represents the pinnacle of recognition within the Professional Karate Commission.

Our members embody the competitive spirit, leadership, and character of Mr. Keeney himself. Demonstrating outstanding achievements and unquestionable character, they stand as distinguished champions and leaders in their field.

The PKC Elite fosters loyalty and fraternity among its members, upholding the highest martial arts standards. Join us to forge closer relationships within the Martial Arts community and promote shared interests in the Professional Karate Commission. Be part of the most prestigious award in Martial Arts.

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Unite with the Best in Martial Arts

Exclusive Invitation-only Membership

Foster Loyalty and Fraternity

Recognition of


Endorsement by PKC Founder

Common Interest Advancement


Nominee Qualifications Include:

  • PKC member for a minimum of ten (10) years and five (5) years in Adult Black Belt

  • PKC Lifetime member

  • Considerable knowledge of Keeney History , PKC History and the origin & essence of the PKC Elite Society

  • Must NOT have any felony on record, and must NOT have a history of acts of violence or mental instability

  • Nominee should have a consistent record of excelling in National level competition

  • Must excel as a National level Black Belt competitor

  • Must have a recommendation from current PKC Elite member

  • Must receive a minimum 75% of voting body at meeting during PKC Internationals weekend

Image by Thao LEE

PKC Elite Society Members

Glenn R. Keeney (Deceased)

 Herb Johnson (Deceased)

John Venson II

Eddie B. Bethea

Phil Morgan

John Manley

Reginald Venson

Dave Buker

Donnie Michael

Jeff Davidson

H Eugene Talbott

Tom Ward

Judy Wade (Deceased)

David Baldock

Christopher Kirby

Dr. Lance Hoover

Kimberly Bridges

Rick Batie

Derek Brading

Steve Fickes

Maureen Davidson

Derek Fickes

Sandra Jovanovic

Luke Sartino

Ron White

Mike Belot

Steve Hankins

Patrick Kirby

Steven Ables

Michael Cooley II

Deven Fickes

Curt Jones

Dan Winner

Featured Members

Throughout the year, The PKC will present some fun facts about some of the members of the PKC Elite Society. This will give you a chance to get to know some little known tidbits about several of the members, so that you can know that they are very interesting people (just like you), as well as very accomplished Martial Artists. When will YOU join them?

Kimberly Bridges

Favorite Food:

Hibachi Filet Mignon
and Fried Rice

Favorite Beverage:

Sweet Tea

Favorite TV Shows:


Favorite Movies:


Most People don’t know that I:

Love to cross stitch and sew,
especially quilts. Starting to
learn how to do stained glass
(thanks David Baldock)

Derek Brading

Favorite Food:


Favorite Beverage:


Favorite TV Shows:

Yellowstone, Chappelle’s Show

Favorite Movies:

Top Gun, Roadhouse The Karate Kid (first three), Full Metal Jacket

Dr. Derek Fickes

Favorite Food:

Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Beverage:

Pacific Cooler

Favorite TV Shows:

How I Met Your Mother, The Office The Last Man Standing, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Favorite Movies:

Cinderella Man, The Shawshank Redemption, Cars

Hanshi Phil Morgan

Favorite Food:


Favorite Beverage:

Iced Tea or Specialty Beers

Favorite TV Shows:

Citizen Zane

Favorite Movie:

Citizen Zane

Most People Don't Know That I:

Sing and Play the Trumpet

Michael Cooley II

Favorite Food:


Favorite Movie:

Avengers End Game

Favorite TV Show:

Family Guy


Killeen, TX

Favorite Subject in School:

US History

Stephen Hankins

Favorite Food:

Steak and Baked Potato


Indianapolis, IN

Favorite TV Shows:

Sanford and Son

Favorite Movie:

Forest Gump

Favorite Subject in School:


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